It is not a shame if you haven’t meet with an escort date before and this is the first time you make such an appointment. However, some men can feel a little bit strange and this is why we have prepared for you in the next paragraphs below a list with “Don’ts” during your date with a beautiful courtesan:

Don’t ask her about her family or about her personal life on the escort date

If you are that kind of person who likes talking about your personal life at work, escorts for sure aren’t. It is more than obvious that these women have a life beyond their career, but when they are meeting a client they don’t like to brag about it.

Each one of the women who works as a high-class escort date can be somebody’s mother, wife or daughter, but there is simply not ok to ask her about what person she is when she gets home. Escorts are extremely professional and whether you believe or not, they love what they do for a living. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t live separate lives at home and at work.

Don’t ask her how many sexual partners she had and the first escort date

It is not ok to ask this question to any woman alive, not only if she is an escort. If men like to have this sort of “dirty talks” one to each other about their sexual partners, women are extremely different from this point of view.

If you intend to pop this question when meeting with a high-class escort, you should not be surprised if she feels offended. It may completely ruin your date such a curiosity.

Don’t ask her if she is single

Even though you may feel extremely attracted of the escort date you’ve booked, even though she feels attracted of you, you must be aware of the fact that the great majority of escort agencies have strictly policies which don’t allow dating a client outside the “working hours”.

Also, the relationship status of the women you meet refer to a personal subject and a large number of escorts would like to keep it private. Therefore, you rather don’t bother to ask her about her boyfriend and enjoy the rest of the time spent in her stunning companionship.

Don’t ask her what s her real name

It is more than surprisingly how many men ask escorts about their real names. Mainly, clients who do this are inexperienced, but there are many who cross the line. You must feel privileged that your escort is seeing you – just leave it to that. This is certainly not a question that should be asked.

Of course, there many other things that should be avoided when you are meeting with an escort for the first time. However, the ones pointed out previously are the most important questions that shouldn’t be asked to a woman who works in this field. Therefore, try to enjoy all the time spend with such a lady and let your body speak for yourself.

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